East Canyon, Utah

I have been feeling restless lately; it’s one of those autumn things, plus preparing for such a big move and not exactly knowing when I’m going to move…well it takes its toll on your sanity.  I’ve been meaning to ride out into nature and see the changing colors, something that was a family tradition when I was young (though Tennessee and Utah have very different autumns) but I just couldn’t seem…

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My Creepy Body: Sleep Disorders

My Creepy Body: Sleep Disorders

I thought it would be a really fun entry to talk about the weirdness of my body/brain.  The body is a creepy thing to begin with (SCARY SPOOKY SKELETONS) and I am all about awareness of disorders and the abnormalities that go on inside our guts and brain and spinal cord.  I did an entry once long ago on my other blog “teaching” others about depression, it was a medical linkup, and the idea…

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Old World Blues

Today my heart broke a little.  I went to the old, original Saltair site, expecting to see the remnants of Railcar 502 and the Temple of the Birds, the old roller coaster power station, but there was nothing.  Both relics had been removed.  I was aware of the rail car thanks to this article, but I didn’t know about the power station until today.  It really upset me.  I’ve been doing a lot of…

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See My City: Salt Lake City

See My City: Salt Lake City

I just discovered this awesome linkup not too long ago at Livin’ On Sweet Tea, and I will use any excuse to share my beautiful city.  Admittedly these are not photos of the city itself because I am bad about taking photos.  But I did go out to my heart’s home, the Great Salt Lake, following some exceptionally bad news on Saturday.  The other photos are taken at random over the last few weeks.…

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The Sweetest Memories.

I was reading Bon’s story of how she met June.  It was a wonderful post, but toward the end she wrote something that kind of stuck out in my mind.  “It is a day I want to relive in my head over and over and an experience I hope I get to repeat.”  As someone who has no desire to birth a child, I found myself curious…what are those moments for me so far?  What are those days?

I have plenty of…

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Utah Sky

My road trip with Henri has been on my mind lately.  As much as I love the transition to fall, I’m hanging onto summer so tightly in my heart and mind.  The road trip of my dreams happened with the person of my dreams.  I hope autumn can live up to the hype, because even Halloween, my beloved and treasured holiday, can’t hold a candle to walking the Strip and taking Nevada backroads with the wind…

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Anger is Power: Anger Management Myths

Anger is Power: Anger Management Myths

So, now that we’ve covered the basics of biology, I wanted to move forward a bit to actually managing anger.  For some people, anger is a beast that rarely raises its head, not something they have to deal with often.  This can come from a lot of factors, just as people who are often angry often have a variety of reasons for being so.  I do want to cover two points in this entry, and here they are:

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Anger is Power: The Biology of Anger

Anger is Power: The Biology of Anger

We talk about being angry so often it’s completely taken for granted.  When someone says they’re angry, or when you’reangry, that’s often such a reactive and common event that the actual meaning and biology behind the anger gets lost.  Which is why it so often needs to be managed!  You can’t manage, or help someone else manage, something you don’t actively understand, so before we talk about…

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Introducing An Anger Series!

Introducing An Anger Series!

So I gave the blog a bit of a makeover and while I love the colors and font of the header/sidebar I’m not too sure how I feel about the blog being in a serif font.

Let me know, is this easy to read? Any feedback is good!  I’m not a blog designer nor do I claim to be, but I definitely want readers to be able to read the posts.

Anyway, beyond that, I wanted to announce what I’ll be writing of this…

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Wednesday Words: A Friendship Love Song

Wednesday Words: A Friendship Love Song


I am a day late, but that’s okay, because these lyrics are just what you need for a tired Thursday.


Today’s words come from a Swedish folk song.  I tried to research its roots but didn’t find much so I’m not sure from when and where it comes, but still…it’s gorgeous!  Have a listen.

It’s also pretty unique because as you can imagine most Swedish folk songs are about trolls and magic and…

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On My Pursuit of Science.

On My Pursuit of Science.

I suppose this is a ‘coming out’ post of sorts.  This is something I only really have talked to a few people about, and I knew I wanted to say a few things about it so here we are.  It all started when I made the decision to move to Sweden–one of the questions most people asked me were “What will you study?”  A bit overwhelming to an American who lived a childhood in poverty and had little hope…

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Here in Utah I still have about 45 minutes to go, but in plenty of other places, I am now 27!

10623722_273020452893719_1920523457_nI made my own cake.  I haven’t done that since I was eleven years old.  I remember it so clearly; to celebrate our family went out on a horseback ride and my mom’s horse threw her off.  She had to go to the hospital and it was dinner by the time the whole catastrophe was over.  She sat in her chair (she…

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